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One extremely useful facet of the World Wide Web is its longevity.
Headlines in a newspaper are current only until that newspaper is
thrown out, usually within a week. Magazine articles might remain
around your house for several weeks or months, but they too are
discarded. Radio and television stories -- well, if you think of them
an hour later it must be a very important story. With radio and TV,
what is important is the overall impression that you are left with.

But the World Wide Web is REAL LIFE! A story can stay here for
years! For a lifetime or more! Lobbyists push legislation --
like the Fast Track -- year after year after year until the public has
become so inured to it that they can sneak it through. Here, on the
Web, we can maintain lists of issues that are important to us, forever!
Issues here NEVER get thrown out. We can quickly notify you if
an issue is dredged up once again.

And we can put you in touch with groups focusing on that issue,
which is what we try to do here. Just press the
 [ WEB RESOURCES ] button at the top of each page, and you
should be pointed to the most current news about that issue.

If you've got an issue you'd like us to add, please send e-mail
gvdc@lafn.org and "Thank you!"

We'll be updating all the Issues links and adding information here over the next several weeks, so please bear with us... Meanwhile, check out the "Web Resources" and find something that affects YOU!

- NATIONAL DEBT CHART BUTTON - National Debt Chart:_ If you think that the Republicans are the best Party to fix our Budget problems, then I dare you to look at this chart. If you don't believe the numbers, then double-check them using the NEW Links to the Bureau of Public Debt, which have finally been updated. We also have a chart showing how Republican Presidents Reagan and Bush quadrupled the INTEREST PAYMENTS on the National Debt during their 12 years in the White House. (Last updated: July 27, 1998)

 [LABOR] Labor Issues:_ Thanks to everyone who helped stop the Fast Track for extending NAFTA, the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) and other as-yet unknown multinational corporate juggernauts. Saving Overtime Pay in California is still an important issue! We've got photos of AFL-CIO President John Sweeney leading a March and Rally on Wednesday, February 19th with thousands of Labor leaders and activists in support of the Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees (H.E.R.E.) Local 11 boycott of the New Otani Hotel. Read about the new AFL-CIO Four-Point Plan to revitalize the Labor Movement. We have links to the Hotel & Restaurant Employees Local 11 Web site in support of the boycott of the New Otani Hotel. We also have links to a number of Labor World Wide Web sites. (Last updated: November 29, 1997)

 [WOMEN'S ISSUES] Women's Issues:_ Affirmative Action -- NO on Prop. 209 (the California unCivil Rights Initiative). Links to many Women's groups. We would appreciate any information on local issues of concern to women, especially if it affects the upcoming Legislative and Congressional elections. If you can contribute articles, even better! (Last updated: October 22, 1996)

 [ENVIRONMENT] Environmental Issues:_ Assemblywoman Debra Bowen, 53rd A.D., is the leading environmentalist in our State Legislature, and she's in a very tight race. So please volunteer to help! Phone Debra's Campaign Headquarters at (310) 851-8822 in Torrance or at (310) 581-2399 in Venice. Links to many organizations trying to protect the environment from the Republican Congress and from Multinational Corporations, which are trying to sell out America as a garbage dump. Using the World Wide Web links, you can find up-to-date information on just about any environmental issue. (Last updated: August 1, 1996)

Health Care:_

In the GVDC Club News:

Senior Citizens:_

SeniorNet (Pleasant web site which occasionally gets political. At the present there are no senior activist groups such as the National Council for Senior Citizens on the World Wide Web. Please send e-mail if you know of one.)

Peace Issues:_

Friends Committee on Legislation (Quaker group striving to end conflicts.)

PeaceNet@IGC (Links to peace groups around the world.)

Campaign Finance Reform

etc. ... (YOU name the Issue.)

Please visit the groups above to find the latest information on current issues. All of these links point to organizations far larger than our Club. Some include E-mail links to the relevant members of Congress or Legislature for each issue along with sample letters or lists of important points which you can copy and modify. PLEASE SEND E-MAIL IF YOU HAVE OTHER LINKS OR ISSUES THAT YOU'D LIKE TO SEE INCLUDED.


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